Playback not working

• Apr 6, 2023 - 18:16

Just downloaded MuseScore 4 on Linux via appimage, and when I click play the blue bar just gets stuck at the start of the score and doesn't move. There's also no sound when I place down/click on notes. Help!


I'm having the same issue, every time I press the space bar or click the play button, the blue bar appears at the start of the score and does not move and disappears when I stop. Placing and clicking notes does not make any sound. I have tried restarting Musescore and creating a new score but it does not help.

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me too. Using Archlinux and pulseaudio on one compute,r and Archlinux + pipewire - both situation the audio stops working when upgrading to 4.1. The KDE volume meter shows no audio output from MuseScore as well, (show it's sound from the app problem)

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