• Apr 14, 2023 - 02:51

I am on the latest version of Musescore 4 as of April 13, 2023 on a Windows 11 PC. I'm working on a piece that involves a pause after the climax of my piece, which I want to mark with a caesura rather than a G.P. or a fermata over a rest. No matter which caesura I choose, however, the caesura simply is not observed in the playback of the piece. I'll be playing through it, and the guide will stop at the caesura for however long, but the audio doesn't stop. Is there a fix for this, or will this need to be solved in another update?


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I saw you edited the score so that the fortissimo F chord takes up a whole measure, the caesura rests at the end of the measure, and then there's another measure with two beats of rest before the tenors come in. Notationally speaking, is that more accurate than what you saw on my score?

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