mdl extension fails?

• Apr 16, 2023 - 00:32

MacOS, musescore 3.6.2

What happened to the resources in the attached file? MDL is missing from the instruments, and I tried to update with errors " failed to extract files from the extension".

Did the extensions move?

read all the threads about it and issued this command and failed:
mscore -E ~/Downloads/mdl.muxt
dlopen error : dlopen(libjack.0.dylib, 1): image not found
dlopen error : dlopen(/usr/local/lib/libjack.0.dylib, 1): image not found
Creating main window…
ZoomBox::setLogicalZoom(): Formatting logical zoom level as 100% (rounded from 1.000000)
Reading translations…
found already install extension without newer version: deleting it
zsh: segmentation fault ./mscore -E ~/Downloads/mdl.muxt

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