Repeating System Texts!!!!! Musescore 4

• Apr 19, 2023 - 11:00


Whenever I open up my Flute 1 part (the part at the top of my score) as a separate tab (Parts --> Flute 1 --> Open Selected), it comes up with 2 x tempos (which is a special type of system text), 2 x all other system texts etc. Of course Musescore is trying to show the Strings' tempo markings etc. as well as the ones for the woodwinds at the top of the score. When I tried exporting the part, of course the same happened. Please fix this! Musescore 4 is amazing but it is so disconcerting to see 2 sets of system texts.
Of course I am exaggerating a bit but it is still pretty annoying! Maybe there is some way I can hide 1 set (I know about unchecking the 'visible' box in properties but the marking is still there, although this would solve the exporting problem). Thanks everyone!

Edit: Also for some reason my slurs and dynamics in my flute 1 part are not in the flute part on its own, so I have to put them all in again!!! Articulation stays though.

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I'm experiencing the same thing working in Musescore 4.02 on a Mac: When I include the uppermost instrument of a larger score into another part (by making it visible) the system texts are duplicated.
I've attached a score where this happened in the violin part when the flute was made visible.

If I delete one of the duplicates, the other one goes away as well.

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