Can't find mixer in musescore 4

• Apr 20, 2023 - 04:37

Got to a place where I want con sord trumpets (measure 20) and can't find the mixer. Manual says to use the mixer for con sord.

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In case you're on linux, (at least on arch) there is some bug since qt5-declarative-5.15.9+kde+r23 that was released about a week ago. A musescore update has fixed some of the elements missing (like the sheets themselves), but Mixer and Timeline is still broken (for me at least).
Downgrading to the prior qt5-declarative fixes that.

I read that Marc S said mute wasn't available on mu4 fonts so I added a trumpet using common fonts (what Marc suggested?). See meas 20 Trp 3. I just copied the original trp notes to that and and am now trying to get those muted with no success. I'm still not even sure what the mixer IS! I'm guessing it's the column on the left with palettes, instruments, and properties headings. Still stuck on this. If I use "test" to add mute to my new fonts... still nothing changes. Very frustrating

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