Da Capo acting up, why?

• May 6, 2023 - 05:55

If you start from measure 390 of the score, which is the first measure of the twelfth dance, something strange goes on. The Da Capo proceeds as normal. But instead of going to the coda sign(which I set invisible) after the Da Capo, it goes to the one before, and plays through the whole thing again without repeats. Why is it doing this? If I go to the Properties panel and look at the text, everything seems fine, so why is it not proceeding to measure 426 after the To Coda and instead going backwards to measure 389? Is it cause of the section break on the same measure as the repeat? I thought, since I set the pause to 0 cause it was going directly to the coda afterwards, that everything should be fine. But it's not. Here's the score:

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12 German Dances for Orchestra WoO 8.mscz 113.33 KB


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