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• May 7, 2023 - 08:07

I am trying to like MuseScore 4 I really am. So I took this score that had a repeat and I expanded it, because I wanted to do different chords on the second A part. Now the lyrics are wonky and none of the stuff I googled about right clicking to select a verse works. (Mac here.) Any right clickage I do selects ALL the lyrics. I want the Porto verse to be vs 1 and the English one to be verse 2 and I would like to get rid of the space between them. Then in bar 26 I want to move the lyrics up so they are even Please tell me EXACTLY how to do it on Mac.

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I think you have the verse numbers mixed up.

Since I am using MuS 3.6.2, I hope it is similar to MuS 4.

In the second half for the English text, you used verse 4. Select a word, use the 'Select/more...' function and check the box 'same subtype verse 4'. That's the way to go for a quick selection of text from a particular verse.

Now you should find in the properties the possibility to modify the text as verse 2. And also in the second half, the postage verses are set to verse #2. Do the same and put them on verse 1.

In the first half, the English lyrics are set to verse 3. Set them to verse 2. Only the very first word belongs to verse 2. And the second word has a different font size. Correct this too.

Attached I did it in MuS 3.6.2. You should be able to open it in MuS 4.

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Thank you so much. That is exactly what I wanted to do and I'm fine with it being v3.6.2 I wish I had a way to do it myself, but that whole Select/more thing just flat out did not work for me in v4. and IIRC none of that sort of stuff ever worked very well (or at all) for me in v3 anyway. I think it may be a Mac version thing. Or maybe it's sunspots. But this begs another question. How do you open a v4 file in v3? Is there some special function for that? My v3 says sorry this file is too advanced. The only way I was able to do it (another score) is to knock it down to mxl and go from there. Anyway thanks I have a nice accurate chart we can use at rehearsal this week. I have another chart where I need to zipper out the repeats like this. I'll stick with 3.6.2 (I always keep the old version until I have gone months without using it.) THANKS AGAIN.

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I can't use MuS 4 because of my old Windows OS. And I have absolutely no experience with Mac OS, but almost all things in Musescore should be independent of the operating system. Yes, Ctrl on Windows is then CMD on Mac, a small difference.
Please read the manual about the selection variants of MuS4 if you want to know more about it:

In MuS 3, I can give you a tutorial on the advanced selection variants:
Right click on an item, note, lyrics text, system text or whatever. Then a menu opens with the option "Select/More..." and there you can refine many things. For example, in your case you can select all words from verse 3 without selecting words of verse 1 or verse 2. Here right click on any element of verse 3:
And then - this selects all lyrics belonging to verse 3 (check "same subtype"):
When I press OK, all texts from verse 3 are selected. In MuS 3 I can then change the affiliation to a verse in the inspector, e.g. to verse 2.

> How do you open a v4 file in v3?
A Musescore file with the file extension 'mscz' is a zipped folder containing the uncompressed mscx file and some other files, e.g. a style file for the text and score format. At least the mscx file is the relevant file containing the notes of the score. If V4 is running then you can save or export the file in uncompressed mscx format.
Without having MuS 4 installed the only option is to use a zip tool and unzip this mscz file and there you can find a uncompressed mscx file. This can be opened by MuS 3 even if it says "Cannot read file ... was saved using a newer version of MuseScore ...". Simply press 'Ignore', MuS 3 opens the file anyway. But it must be the mscX file not the mscZ file! There are a view things which do not work in MuS 3, e.g. if the v4 score has used a repeat measure sign.
And: it is not a bad idea to keep older versions of MuseScore on the computer. It is not always possible for all apps, but it is with MuseScore.
Anyway, I'm glad I could help you.

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Thanks for the tutorial. This sort of thing has ALWAYS been dicey for me with MuseScore. I look up how to do it, and I do what it says, and either the menus are not like it says they should be, or they are and I select the thing and either it does nothing or it does something else. Yes I do check the version. In this case, I tried EXACTLY THAT multiple times and it selected ALL the lyrics, not just a line. Maybe I'm not holding my mouth right while I do it. ;)

I kept v2 until a whole year had passed without using it, and I will do the same for v3. It's news to me about the mscx file and the native format actually being an archive so thanks for that!!! I often ignore "File is corrupt, open anyway" messages and I am usually able to patch those up although Mark Sabatella has told me that sometimes there are really bad goblins under the hood but as long as it looks OK I don't care.

My issues may be with my computer not MS because for some reason right clicking is not working via the control key and the only way to do it is trackpad gestures, which I find awkward and inconvenient. Already tried to fix that and failed but that's my #1 priority today. Wish I had time for music!

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> I tried EXACTLY THAT multiple times and it selected ALL the lyrics, not just a line.
My example selects all lyrics of verse 3 - from the whole score. Was this a misunderstanding?

If you want to select only a few words of the lyrics text, hold down the Ctrl key and click one word at a time with the left mouse button.

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