MuseScore 4 Ritardando font size

• May 7, 2023 - 20:29

I'm unable to find a way to change the font size for a rit._ _ _ tempo marking. Is there a way to change the font size that I just cannot find?

Thank you!


Unfortunately, it looks like there is no individual font size adjustment available for "rit." in the Properties panel, so use menu item: Format > Style > Text Styles > Tempo > Size.
By doing so, be advised that any other tempo text (e.g., "Allegro") will also change, but those can be individually adjusted in the Properties panel.

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Yes, and thank you, I found that in the Styles area, but it seemed counterintuitive to me that you can access the font size property in an individual metronome marking but not a the rit. tempo marking. In some circumstances the only option (to avoid changing the size of ALL tempo markings) might be to make the rit. invisible and place "rit._ _ _" in simple text for display purposes.

Thanks again for your reply!

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