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• May 8, 2023 - 12:22

I imported a pdf and some strange artefacts were generated including a greyed out rest that I cannot delete... Please help me delete it. :)

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... and because the measure is longer, this extra rest appears and the plus sign is the hint.

Be careful when you shorten the measure length to its nominal value. The measure is shortened from the right side, even if there is not a rest but a note.

1 You can delete a note which is then replaced by a rest.
2 You can delete a "range" by selecting and then Tool, remove selected range (ctrl-del)
3 If none of that works out (if you're using "convert from pdf form" then the music can get real scrambled) you can
a) Save/back up your file
b) select/highlight from just after the rest all the way to the end of the piece (control shift end I think) t
b) control-x copy-delete,
c) select/highlight the redundant rest, then
d) control-v paste

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