Trombone pedal notes?

• May 26, 2023 - 20:43

The lowest sounding note for me is E bass clef ledger line below the stave. I can't hear pedal notes. I tried to change the range of the insturment in staff properties and it makes not difference. Help? Thank you!


If you are using Muse Sounds you are probably experiencing the known issue of limited pitch range for some (most? all?) instruments. If so, take a look at this Github issue If your particular problem is not already covered, please add it to the list (it's a long one!). Workaround is to use Musescore Basic sounds.

If you are not using Muse Sounds then you have a different problem. If so, please attach the score and describe your set up - attached audio devices etc. so that someone can investigate further.

[Edit] You say you changed the instrument range in the staff properties. Note that this only affects the warning colouration to indicate notes that are outside the "amateur" or "professional" ranges. Those ranges are pretty subjective in a lot of cases. They have no connection with whether the notes are within Musescore's playable range, which in the case of Musesounds seems to struggle to reach "amateur" standard in some cases.

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