Musescore 4 mixer not working, Muse hub not working.

• May 28, 2023 - 17:18

Muse hub is not working entirely, percussion and woodwind sounds do not work, and mixer breaks score. Dear Musescore4 developers, please fix this problem, I understand that you may be very busy doing things such as updates or perhaps already just working on this problem alone, but still, this has happened to me in April and while it has mostly been fixed, Muse Hub still does not work. whenever I go to click on Muse hub, including when I reinstall it, it says that it is still downloading woodwinds and percussion. I have pressed that button at least 3 days ago, and the loading bar does not move. In addition to that, the Musescore4 sounds for percussion and woodwinds are not working for me, I use a macOS, and whenever I click on mixer, nothing pops up and all the sudden, letters start to disappear, I would send images but unfortunately, I do not know how to do this. In addition, your primary website for downloading also does not work. Every time I click on "Download latest version for apple" It redirects me to a site which says

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

Please help, I love using this software, it is easy to use, fun to use, and sounds amazing. Now that summer is here and I have a lot of time on my hands, I would really like to make some compositions of my own on your platform, please fix this problem, thank you. I will copy and paste this one time on the feedback menu on your primary website.

(also it is not a computer problem because I have seen other people say the same thing and I have tried to use Musescore4 and Muse hub on another computer, with even more storage than mine, which still does not work.)


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