Loop Playback incorrect?

• May 29, 2023 - 14:04

MacOS, musescore 4.0.2

Set loop playback on a measure. Playback does not begin on that measure but another measure?

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Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues.mscz 36.43 KB


Confirmed on MS 4.0.2.
1. Create a loop on measure 2. Expected: m.2 plays on a loop. Actual: m.1 plays on a loop.
2. Create a loop on measures 3-4. Expected: mm.3-4 play on a loop. Actual: mm.1-2 play on a loop.

Reported on Github:
[MU4 Issue] Playback Loop Feature Not Working #16069:

'Loop Playback' Feature doesn't work correctly with repeats #16875:

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