MuseScore 4 crashing when changing key signature.

• May 30, 2023 - 18:24

I have been having the issue of MuseScore four crashing every time I try to apply 3/4 to measure 38 in this score. It crashes without fail, whether I am changing the measure properties or using the Palettes, and I have not found any way to work around it. No one on the forums that I've found has had a fix that has worked for me, and it also crashes any time I try to delete one measure at the end of the song. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I can fix the crash, not sure how you got in this sitution. It would be nice to know to ensure this does not happen again.

Open the score
Open the Parts dialog
Scrol down to the Suspended Cymbal part
Click the ... and select Reset
Close the dialog
Save the score

Now you can add the desired time signature and delete measures as you need.

If you open the Suspended Cymbal part you can see it is "empty" however in the score there are notes for this part. It does not even contain the title information and part name. After performing the reset as decribed above, the part is showing information again. Guess not having any data is causing the crash.

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