Bracket stacking

• May 30, 2023 - 18:56

Does anyone know how to stack brackets?
For example, to have a square bracket on two instruments in a section and a bracket on the whole section.
(for a visual of what i mean, look at the attachment)
(Musescore 4 btw)

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Select a bar in the section.
Press Shift and click on a bar in a different part in the same section.
You will have something similar to the attached picture.
Press the "square bracket" button (brackets palette).

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Twobarsselected.png 29.78 KB

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OK. Hmm... Interesting...
Do you have a midscore instrument change or maybe you have checked an option "hide a part during tacet" (or whatever it's called) or some other rare concatenation of circumstances which happen to prevent the bracket from its appearance?
Could you please:
1. Save a copy of your score.
2. Delete every bar ("remove selected range") except the first 7 bars or so.
3. Try the aforementioned algorithm again.
4. If you still are unable to add that bracket then attach that stump of a score in your next message.

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