Musescore 4 mixer not working, Muse hub now working!

• Jun 2, 2023 - 18:24

Good news, Muse Hub is now back up and running. The only bad news is that the Musescore4 Mixer is not working. The letters are back but the mixer is not working. Whenever I go to click on it, it simply does not appear. I assume that MS4 developers are working on it, but as for now, I just wanted to make a forum on it to make sure this was not just happening to me. I have a MacOS on the latest version with all the necessary components required to run MS4 and Muse Hub, so that is not the problem.

Thank you MS4 team,



MuseHub is "working" in that you can open it, but it won't let me install or uninstall sound packs. MuseSounds doesn't export to WAV or MP3 correctly so I need to uninstall them, but MuseHub won't let me! Frustrating.

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