PLEASE Help !!!

• Jun 4, 2023 - 16:02

Hi All:

I’ve got myself into pickle !

I’m here in Spain to play at a friends wedding - imminently.

I’ve customised a couple of Scores, using Musescore 4, and saved them to the cloud using my Mac in the UK.

I thought I would save the planet and NOT print off the hard copies of the scores UNTIL I GOT TO SPAIN, but the older Mac I can use here will not install Musescore 4. I’m stuck on Musescore 3, and of course can’t open the Musescore 4 Scores.

Can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE open the attached scores, resave them to Musescore 3, and repost them back here ?

It would be MUCH appreciated.


Attachment Size
Lord_of_the_Dance.mscz 37.38 KB
Romeo & Juliet KEYS.mscz 39.44 KB


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