Musescore Playback Tuning

• Jun 6, 2023 - 02:47

Hi, I have a question regarding tuning. I'm working ainly on two windows workstations, one is a dell inspiron laptop with i7 processor (around 6th gen I think) and the other one is a microsoft surface pro with an i5 processor (8th gen aprox)

The thing is, I'm trying to transcribe bass part for And I Love Her by The Beatles on the surface and when I opened the file on the laptop, I find that I transcribed a half step up on the surface, it has happened to me with other files. The question is, how can I know if musescore playback is indeed tuned? or what configuration I should check to know for certain that playback is sounding in A=440 ?

Just to clarify, I have never changed the tuning of musescore in any workstation.


You mean, the notes are written on a different staff line when opening the same file on both computers?
The only reason can be the concert pitch button when using transposing instruments. But most bass instruments are written in concert pitch.
If you select the same note on both computers, what is shown in the status line? There should stated the note name and in brackets "sounding as..." - but only for transposing instruments. Which instrument is affected?

In 3.6.2 you can set the master tuning to A=440Hz (default value) or - as we do - to A=442Hz. I don't know how to do that in MuS 4, but if that value is different on both computers the sounding pitch is different for notes on the same staff line.

To check if the playback is correct you can use an instrument tuning tool - even a tuning app on your smartphone.

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Notes appear the same, but when playing the file on the surface it sounds in tune with the audio I'm listening on spotify. But when opening the file in the laptop and navigating through the score or on playback, its sounding half step up than the audio.

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