Measure Sizes

• Jun 8, 2023 - 17:02

Hey, can somebody explain to me how to expand and/or shrink measures? I'm using the latest version of MuseScore, and I need this detail for my next project, so I would like a response ASAP. Thanks!


Measures shrink or expand to accommodate the music they contain. You can reduce the number of measures on a system (and therefore widen them all) by adding system breaks. It is usually best to let MuseScore take care of the layout in the first instance and then once all the notation is entered make adjustments by adding system or page breaks to avoid awkward page turns and, if necessary to even out spacings.

You can also squeeze the music closer together or more widely spaced by adjusting the stretch from the format menu. Reducing stretch is most useful if you just need to tighten things up a bit to get a few "orphan" measures to fit on the previous page. Increasing stretch is rarely useful as it is easier to add a system break.

There is no command to make a particular measure a particular length. - e.g. make this measure 3 inches wide.

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