Changing keys for one instrument, but not in concert pitch...

• Jun 9, 2023 - 16:46

Wasn't sure what to title this one. I attached a screenshot to show what I'm trying to do.
I want the alto and bari saxes to read as their G Flat Major instead of F Sharp. I hit command, then click on the key of that instrument to highlight it. I clicked G Flat, but it changed it to concert G Flat for all instruments. Is there a way to click on a key for it to be that instrument's key, not concert pitch? The concert key in the screenshot is A major, but saxophones read it as F Sharp/G Flat. I'd prefer it to be G Flat but can't change it to that without screwing up everything else.

Did I make any sense??? These are band warm-ups, so I'm trying to avoid the keys of F Sharp, C Flat, and C Sharp for all instruments since sharps and too many accidentals in the key is scary.

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Under "Staff/Part Properties" you can select which accidental type you prefer for the instrument. This is the result (done in MuS 3.6.2):
ScreenShot_Staff_Part Properties.png

By the way: The concert key in your screenshot is E major, not A major - that's how it is in my picture, too.

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