key signature auto insert with instrument changed

• Jun 15, 2023 - 21:55

In a Big Band arrangement I am changing the Bari Sax to clarinet and the already established key signature appears automatically. Oddly, it didn't do this when I changed the Tenor 1 to a flute (measure 9). Any clues on why and how to prevent it? k Thank you!

Pic 1 = before, Pic 2 = after. score attached.

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Yes, changing from any instrument to the flute does not change the key signature. This is a bug!
Workaround: You can drag the correct key signature to the position of the instrument change while holding down the Ctrl key.

And additional: if you have a score using instrument changes and you want to change the key signature of the score itself also the changed instruments becomes wrong key signatures. A big bug!

I think you may have come across this bug I find the comments on that issue a bit confusing but it appears that a fix has been found and will be in the upcoming release of 4.1

Perhaps you could test the latest "nightly" version available from here to confirm this fixes what you are seeing. Note that the nightly versions are made available for test purposes only. Don't trust them with any valuable score - only a test copy.

As a solution for scores with instrument changes and/or a subsequent key change of the score having wrong keys I found out:

  • Switch to concert pitch mode
  • Drag the key of the score while holding down the Ctrl key to all measures with an instrument change.
  • If desired, switch the concert pitch mode off again.

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