Metadata not showing on part when score created from template. Need help adding it manually.

• Jun 18, 2023 - 12:31

When I create a new score and use a template, the metadata is not showing on the parts. With metadata I mean Title, Instrument, Composer, etc. The "header" of the parts page is blank. (Don't confuse this with headers and footers in MuseScore 4. I'm referring to stuff like Title, Composer etc.)

Anyone know how I can tell MuseScore to show Title on parts pages? (This is done automatically when not using a template when creating the score.

Many thanks

Btw, I'm on Ubuntu.


Must be an issue in the template you are using. Is it a standard one or a custom? If standard, which one? If custom, can you provide to check it?

I have just tested with the SATB template and metadata is appearing in the parts automatically when they are generated.

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