more solid colored piano keyboard + shaded pallete features

• Jun 23, 2023 - 17:28

So unlike MS 3, with MS 4 the Keyboard, no matter what color you have it set to, is. always way too lightly shaded in when a note is selected, and it's hard to see what overall not is selected, or chord.

I wish to have it to where it is darker so that I can clearly see what note(s) are selected on the piano keyboard.

Another feature that would be helpful is if you could lightly highlight certain things in your custom-made pallets, or preexisting pallets.

The images below explain it

Like (And I know I will be ignored bc I'm that one musician that happens to be the odd one who creates avantgarde music, so I don't get a say in anything bc I am hated) It would be nice If I can say make the ones with. 4 on the bottom shaded blue in the background, 8 with red, 16 with greed, etc. Or I could have my articulations shaded green, while my beams shaded brown, or something...

just an idea or 2...

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