Problems of Batch Transpose to 15 keys

• Jul 1, 2023 - 07:58

Hi, I'm a deep learning student, and I want to transpose a batch of mscz files to different keys to do the data augmetation.

I've found some great plugins inside the community to do the batch-transpose work. But the problem is, in my training, the F# and Gb are different keys, so I can't simply use the plugins to move all the notes upward/downward several intervals. Instead, I want to use the function in Tools->Transpose dialog, where i can designate the one of the 15 keys and do the transpose.

I found the transpose function I want in the Musescore opensource code, it is:
bool Score::transpose(TransposeMode mode, TransposeDirection direction, Key trKey,
int transposeInterval, bool trKeys, bool transposeChordNames, bool useDoubleSharpsFlats)
And I really want to know how to call the function and save the file automatically. Or there are other ways to do the batch transpose?

Thank you for your patience!


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