Résolu: Problème avec la partie Euphonium clé de sol / Problem with Treble Clef Euphonium Part

• Jul 2, 2023 - 10:54


Si on crée une partie Euphonium clé de sol, elle n'est pas correctement transposée.
Les notes sont bien transposées mais l'armure n'est pas bonne,

En Ut, première note fa, mib majeur donc 3 bémols à la clé
En Sib, la note devient sol et nous devrions être en Do maj et rien à la clé.
Euphonium clé de sol, la première note sol correct, mais il y a 2 dièses à la clé, donc Ré maJ.

Dans la tonalité réel le problème est le même.


If you create a Treble Clef Euphonium part, it is not transposed correctly.
The notes are well transposed but the key signature is not good,

In C, first note F, Eb major so 3 flats in the key
In Bb, the note becomes G and we should be in C major and nothing in the key.
Euphonium treble clef, the first note is corret a G, but there are 2 sharps in the clef, so D maJ.

In the real tone the problem is the same.


It is difficult to understand what you mean.
A euphonium in bass clef has the same key signature as the score (like trombone, tuba, flute, etc.).
A euphonium in soprano clef is notated as a B♭ instrument (like trumpet, clarinet, etc.), so it is transposing. Therefore, the key there has two sharps more or two flats less than the key of the score resp. the key of the euphonium in bass clef. If you write a G it sounds as a F.

Is that your problem? If not, attach an example and explain in more detail.
(Pls. state you MuS version too).

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I can only use MuS 3. And yes, there are sometimes and only on some instruments wrong key signatures if I transpose a score. I don't know how MuS 4 behaves in this cases. Maybe this bug is still existing.
If you create a new score the key signatures are correct.

Yes, I see that the key signature is wrong in your images. As you can see, local accidentals are then set. This seems to be a bug in MuseScore. But the notes should be played in the correct pitch!
Try one of the following, I hope they all work:

  • Drag the correct key onto the staff while holding down the Ctrl key. This will then only affect one staff. Here: Bb maj on the bass clef and C maj on the treble clef.
  • Or you can use "Change Instrument" and set it back to the same. If I remember correctly, this corrects the key signature.
  • Or you create a new score with all instruments in the new key and copy all notes from the original score to the new score. If you choose the same instrument order, this can be done in one step (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C and paste in the new score with Ctrl-V) for the whole score.

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