corrupted files

• Jul 12, 2023 - 07:20

I recently made a stand tune of a dci feature so I tried to get it done by the end of the night because I have a Low Brass camp and won't be able to finish it tomorrow. It is currently 1 in the morning and I just completed the score and tried uploading it but it wouldn't work. At the worst possible time it corrupted, I don't know how I'm going to redo it since I have to wake up at 6. I really hope this issue gets fixed as soon as possible.


In such cases, the first thing to try is to open the mscz file with a zip tool and unzip the mscx file.

I have done it and this opens without error in MuS 3.6.2.
I attach this mscx file in case you have a problem with it and to save you time - even though the mscx file is quite large.

Attachment Size
Carolina Crown 2018- Trombone Feature.mscx 792.08 KB

I'm on Windows 10, and your score opened fine for me in MuseScore 4.0.2 although it was immediately marked (dirty) with an asterisk as if a change was made that required saving. So, I saved it and it re-opens without an issue.
Here it is:
Carolina Crown 2018- Trombone Feature-2.mscz

(I was going to also attach the .mscx file - just in case - but it has been provided above.)

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