Title Refusing to center

• Jul 23, 2023 - 13:08

Title is refusing to center for some reason. I fix it every time I open the file, but it refuses to stay and is back by the left side when I open the file next.

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When I open your file the title is centered.
Have a look at Format > Style > Text Styles > Title > Align: if this is set to center.

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But what about Format > Style > Text Styles > Title > Align ? Is this property icon really set to Centre? The symptoms suggest that the Align icon is set to Left.

Do you have a separate style file (.mss) which gets loaded automatically? The style file would be named in Preferences:
Edit > Preferences > Score > Default files > Style

See the attached style files which show the different definitions for Left align and Centre align of the Title property. The relevant line is this:

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Title_aligned_left.mss 756 bytes

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