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• Aug 11, 2023 - 06:21

I encased my text in a square I want to use the idea again. The encased text are Solos measure 41 and Vamp Out measure 98. However, I can't remember how I did it. Can you help me?

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.Sunshower.mscz, 40.97 KB


It looks like you used Rehearsal Marks and added a rectangular frame.

Incidentally, that's a backup file (begins with a dot, ends in a comma) and from an old versions of MuseScore (3.3.4). It would be worth updating to 3.6 at least.

I this case they are rehearshal marks (from text palette with default B1). A rectangular frame is used there by default and you may edit this text as you like.
But you can add a frame to all (?) text elements or remove existing frames.
Select the text and have a look in the inspector. You can modify the shape (none, rectangle, circel) and the distances, thickness, margin value and corner radius.

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