Musescore 4 freezing while loading.

• Aug 12, 2023 - 19:28

For some reason, every time I open Musescore 4 score, it begins to load the audio samples, which I assume is normal. Shortly after that, it freezes at a certain point. I have been patient with this, thinking at first that this just took a while to load. However, I then realized that it did not stop loading, even after a straight 20 minutes of waiting! I found that opening the score from the file as opposed to opening it from Musescore 4 worked, for a short moment. Shortly after that, it crashed for no reason. My score was relatively small with only a handful of instruments, and my computer has handled longer scores with more instruments, so I really cannot see why this is happening.

If you have a solution to this, please let me know.

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Does your machine meet the minimum required specifications?
Are you loading everything from a local drive, as opposed to the Cloud?
Is your internet connection up to it?
Is your system infested with viruses?

Maybe attach the score?

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