adding content to a non-empty measure

• Aug 21, 2023 - 20:35

I would like to see a way to insert additional notes to a measure that already contains notes, without erasing what is already there. For example, if I have a melody line (single-notes line) and I want to add more notes to some of the melody notes to make up chords on those particular beats of the melody. Is there already a way to do that in MS?


P.S.: I forgot to mention: I want to do that through a cut-and-paste procedure. Explaining better: I have two staves for, say, trombones. I want to merge the content of these two staves into one of them. So I copy the content of the second staff and "add" it to the first staff. To simplify things, I'm assuming the two staves have exactly the same beat structure, so that the two contents align perfectly along the measure, only they are in two staves and I want to merge them into one staff.

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Yes, those are OK, but that's not what I meant. What I want here is to add EXISTING content in one staff to EXISTING content in another staff, so that the destination staff now contains notes of BOTH staves. Of course I'm assuming both contents are of the same type (same note durations and same beat arrangement) so that they fit together without any disruption, as if all notes were entered manually to form chords.

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