How do I find note inspector????

• Aug 22, 2023 - 20:57

(UPDATE: No more help is needed. Thanks!)
I am currently trying to write a Tenor solo where I need to add crossovers (in MuseScore 3). I know you use the "note inspector" to do this but I can't find it anywhere. I see most people just clicking on the note and it pops up but this doesn't work. How do I get the note inspector?
(Below I have two photos. One is of my MuseScore and the other is a screenshot of what it should look like. This example is in MuseScore 2, but I know the note inspector is in MuseScore 3 as well.)

Attachment Size
no note inmspecotr.png 121.41 KB
yes note inspector.png 330.29 KB


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