Soundfont Librarian

• Sep 25, 2023 - 11:19

I hope it is fine to discuss here,
E-MU had a great Soundfont Librarian where you drag groups from melodic to percussion for instance.
I used version 1.0c but this does not run on Windows 10.
I have tried Vienna, Polyphone, I think most I could find on the Net but none with the functionality I seek.
Sofware.Informer states that a version 2.0 should be available but don't have the link. E-MU changed their complete supply away from soundcards and sound modules.

I still use my Audigy ZS 2 soundcard with it's 2 softfont synths built in because of the low latency, and great quality.

Do anyone know where I can get Soundfont Librarian 2.0 or a good alternative.

Thank you


Hi greeffbf! Welcome.
Haven't tried Soundfont Librarian, did not find download link for 2.0, but found a video showing the drag function
If the video correctly show what you're looking for, then Polyphone has similar preset management, you can drag-and-drop, Ctrl+C Ctrl+V also works fine…
You may get more input regarding sound issues if repost at Playback forum or the General forum, or over . The plugin forum here gathers coders to chat about musescore plugin.

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