Fretboard Diagram position (Above/Below) is not saved.

• Sep 27, 2023 - 13:51

I am working on some Jazz Classics, that contain lot's of chords - standard chords and more advanced (such as Dbmaj7(#5) ). For the more advanced chords, I added fretboard diagrams, but not for the standard chords.

The problem: by default the fretboard diagrams are shown between the staff and the chord names. When there are diagrams only for some chords, the chord names get disaligned, which makes it hard to follow.
(See picture: "Problem.png")

The solution: the properties of the fretboard diagram allow to display the chord diagrams below the staff, which is perfect for my purpose.
(See picture: "Solution.png")

The bug: However, the "Below" settings of the fretboard diagram is not stored when saving the file to cloud or to filesystem. After reopening, I always have to re-arrange my diagrams.

Would be great, if this could be fixed.

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