The notes I added were displayed in a red color and were silent when playing back

• Sep 29, 2023 - 02:23

I need help in creating a new score (please see the score attached).

When I was entering notes, some notes displayed a red color and I did not know why. When playing back, these red notes were silent. This happened especially in the altos (second line).

In the attached score, I have muted the other lines except altos.

I did a test: delete the first red note (g). Save the sheet and close it. Then reopen the sheet and add the note g again. It became red immediately. I really don't know why.

Please help. Thanks.

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Notes in red indicate that that pitch is usually beyond the range of the instrument. Sometimes they will still play, but only if the soundfont contains that pitch. Altos are not usually asked to sing a Top C.

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