Reverting from Musesounds

• Sep 30, 2023 - 03:35

Does anyone know if we can access midi playback sounds from previous versions of Musescore? The introduction of Musesounds is causing problems for my playback - lag and issues potentially with processing (though I don't know why as I'm using an M1 2021 Macbook Pro), volume deficiencies for vocals that the faders can't fix even when maxed out, and there just aren't that many options yet for musesounds. Despite them sounding much less realistic the older playback sounds from M3 were much more functional for my purposes. Anywhere I can access them?


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Yep I see that option but it appears that limits me to whatever instrument is specified on the staff. So for example if I have a choral arrangement but I want the midi playback to be a piano (because the automated oohs and ahhs are both hard to hear and a bit creepy) I don't have the ability to get the MS Basic piano without switching every instrument to a piano manually on the score. I wish we had a dropdown menu for MS Basic sounds within the mixer.

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You can if each sound is a separate sound font. Fortunately Marc Sabatella has created a collection of separate MU Basic sound fonts. See this thread and scroll to the bottom for a download link.
I haven't tried them myself but other users report success.

And I understand that the capability to choose a sound from within MU Basic sounds in the mixer will be implemented in the next release. See

But Marc's workaround seems useful enough for now.

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