Multimeasure rest suggestion

• Oct 2, 2023 - 00:27

How about adding the ability (with a checkbox in properties for multimeasure rests) to display the measure numbers as a range (e.g, 29-32) below the measure?


This is not very practical IMO. Parts will have measure numbers at the beginning of a staff. The musician doesn't have to know which measure is played. She/he couldn't care less. Only the duration of the silence matters.

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Oh, I agree - there should be these indications already But there are a lot of scores now being uploaded where it’s clear that the creator is not aware of the conventions and practices of professional publishers (or sometimes even the basic ‘grammar’ of music notation).

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Replying to all of the above: Thanks for the "where it is." One might think they are not needed (as initially said), but for all the reasons given subsequently they're good to have, especially on longer rests. Virtually all the published scores I work with have them and I want them in my scores as well.

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