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• Nov 2, 2023 - 21:51

In measure 9 I text in the number 2 to indicate repeating twice. How do I edit that "2" so it's the same size and font as the "1". In version 2 and 3 I think that was easy but I can't find it in 4.

Or... is the 1,2 available somewhere?
Or... should I stick in the "2" with something other than Add, text, staff?


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Volta values are all managed and edited in the Properties panel.

Once the volta line is selected, it is a bit confusing, because the actions to get to the relevant field do vary:
- to change the displayed text: Click "Appearance", click the Text tab, Volta > edit "Beginning text"
- to change the repeat list: on default Style tab, Volta > edit "Repeat list"

Handbook: https://musescore.org/en/handbook/4/voltas

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"I discovered that if I select my "2" and click it a handy window opens that allows me to edit the "2" in all respects"

Now you are confusing me... The "2" in the score attached to your first post is a separate Staff Text - not linked to the Volta line in any way. That's entirely the wrong way to go about changing the Volta properties.

Concentrate on using the Properties panel for the Volta line, as explained in my earlier reply.

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In addition, the correct value for the play count of measure 9 is missing. For three repeats, the value must be 3.
And of course the repeat list of Volta 1 must have the value "1,2".

@ John Gessner
See my modifications in the attached file (done with MuS 3.7).
The displayed text is only intended for the musician and has no effect on the playback in MuseScore.

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The wrong value is still in the field for the play count for measure 12 Open the measure properties and correct it. The value '3' must be there instead of '2' because the repetitions must be performed three times.
Measure Properties for Measure 12.png
And you have inadvertently set more than one volta 1 (I think three) for measure 12.
First delete them all and set only one volta 1.
Then open the properties and change the text (for the musician/conductor) and the volta repeat list. Write "1,2" there.
Volta Porperties.png
(The images are from MuseScore 3.6.2).

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