Piano finger numbers

• Nov 27, 2023 - 21:09

Probably really simply, but I am working on music sheets for my children, and I would like to put down the finger numbering for the piano. I know how to us Ctrl+T to put text up top, but I would like to know if there is another way to easily put finger numbers in between the piano G and F cleft staffs. Thank you so much.


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You can add fingering by clicking on the note you want to ad it to and then go to the Add menu, text and fingering. Once the first one is typed you can use arrow keys (or maybe it was shift arrow) to move to the next note down the chord or along the staff to add its finger number. you can also go to Edit/Preferences and assign a shortcut for this to make it quicker. I have assigned Alt N and so just type that rather than going back to the add menu each time. By default piano music puts the finger numbers for the RH above the treble staff notes and "LH below the bass staff but you could press x when on a finger number and i think like many other items it will flip it to the other side.

I'd love to see everyone use finger numbers rather than staff text for fingering. As a blind user it reads the scores out correctly and even Brailles them correctly if done with the right tool. however, for kids music if you are trying to get a specific line of nice looking large finger numbers running between the hands staff text might still do this better. As a piano teacher though I'd recommend emphasis on learning the letter names of the notes rather than relying on finger numbers or they get very lost when the hand goes and moves! There is a great website at www.musictheory.net to learn music notes and other theory with flashcards.

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