Selection of whole chord with double click

• Nov 28, 2023 - 19:57

Hello to everybody,

I just started using Musescore again after a long long time (mostely used Sibelius in my last years).

One thing that was quite counter-intuitive for me was how to select a chord.
My first idea was double clicking on any note of the chord. Is this reserved for any other function? Because as far as I see this does nothing special to the note despite playing it two times.

Of course you always could use the keyboard and hit shift + up but that selects the whole measure with all voices and i only want the chord of one voice.

Yes, clicking on one note and shift clicking on another of the chord is an option and lasso while shift-click-dragging is as well but double clicking still seems to be the most easy and intuitive for me for selecting all notes in a chord.


No, that is not implemented in that way.
I use Ctrl+Mouse click to select one after the other.
With Shift + up you need to use the selection filter to disable other voices.

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