Brand new user - can Musescore mix music using 3rd-party plugins?

• Dec 7, 2023 - 10:35

Dear Anyone.

My lovely old music package, Quick Score Elite Level 2, is 32-bit only. I'm disabled and can't play anything - found Musescore by accident(!) and am trying to get to grips with it. I'm incredibly geeky......


With that in mind, you experts, here's the question. I've got lots of plugins I use in QSE all the time, 32-bit soundmakers and JBRIDGED 64-bit soundmakers - and plugins for EQ, compression, reverb, all sorts. Most of them are 32-bit. Can I copy their .dlls into Musescore and use them? Or can I find similar 64-bit VSTs/plugins and use those in Musescore?

Please, go easy on the techiness of any answers. Took me long enough to learn enough to use VSTs in QSE, I'm not promising to understand massive techiness in a 64-bit VST yet! Just wanna know if I'll have to re-buy all my noisemakers or not. (I've tried JBRIDGING 64-bit to32-bit, that works, dunno about the other ways around.)

Yours hopefully



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