Scores playing faster than written tempo

• Jan 14, 2024 - 02:42

Recently my Chromebook's Linux machine has upgraded, and now whenever I use Musescore, my scores' music plays faster than the written tempo, which I have set to follow it.


I am experiencing the same problem on a new PC running MuseScore 4 (most recent update) on Windows 11. I noticed this problem has been reported numerous times over the past 2 years in this forum, but to my knowledge, it has not been addressed by MuseScore.
I am running the same version of MuseSore with the same version of Windows 11 on my laptop and it works fine. Many users have said that MuseScore is incompatible with some audio drivers and that "a fix is in the works." But that was 2 years ago. I wish I had good news for you, but it seems like MuseScore is unable to fix the problem.

I had a similar problem where the tempo would increase inexplicably halfway through the piece or bars would be skipped entirely. I found that just removing the tempo markings and re-entering them fixed the issue. I'm using MuseScore 4 on windows 11.

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