I can hide the second instrument, but can I also hide the second voice of the first instrument.

• Jan 18, 2024 - 03:43

I'm new to music. I hope I explain this correctly. I wrote notes in Musescore 4.2, with two instruments, each instruments has two voices. I exported to mp3 and saved the mscz with all four voices. I know this is odd but I want to export a PDF with only the first of the four voices without deleting the other notes. I want to fit the music on one sheet of paper without shrinking the text (and trust me, nobody here will be singing the other voices anyway). It was easy to hide the second instrument, and I've saved other space with "min system distance", Lyrics "line height", "margins" etc. Is there also an easy way to hide that 2nd voice (and revealing it again after exporting the PDF)? Thanks for all.

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Assuming this is a closed choral SATB score, create 4 new instruments, one for each part you want. Copy one voice each into the parts, then change them back to the first voice, removing all the unnecessary rests. Then use the instruments panel (if you do not see this, open it using view => instruments) and click the eyes on the four parts. They will not be shown in the score, and will not play, but will be available to export the pdf of.

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