Why is the file size so big?

• Jan 20, 2024 - 08:50

Every time I try to save my score, it goes "not responding" for a few seconds before it becomes normal. At first, I thought it was because my file was corrupted, but when I checked my file size, it was 62,842 kb. My other projects are on average around 300 kb, and I don't think 62 mb for a Musescore file is normal. In addition, I do not think that the SoundFont that I use contributes that much to the file size because it's used in other projects too. Can anyone help me?


That's way bigger than expected, even if you'd added an image to your score. Find an archive (ZIP) managing program that works for your operating system. If you can open the archive you will see it looks like a folder with other folders and files inside it. Extract the .MSCX file if you can as it contains your music.

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Open this mscz with a zip tool.
Then you can see that the folder "Pictures" contains a wav file with a size of 64 MBytes!
I simply deleted this folder - see attached file - and the file size shrinks to aboiut 47kBytes.

Listening to this audio file, it seems that you have recorded more than 6 minutes of the last rainy day ... :-)

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ugh_mod.mscz 47.1 KB

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Try to find the file "5d17aec1c420afaea3721ca96493f7e1.wav" on your computer and delete it or move it to an other location.
I am still using MuS 3 and am not aware that there is a way to add audio files.
Do you use sharing your audio files on audio.com?

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I do not use audio.com, and I couldn't find that wav file anywhere on my PC. What I find interesting is when I save with the uncompressed version, there isn't any problem with adding an audio file automatically, but when I make a copy and save the uncompressed version as compressed, the audio file will appear again. I eventually gave up and made a new score where I copied everything in, and the audio file didn't bother me ever since.

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