Musescore 4.2 Can I align Frame Text? tab, center and justification for extra verses under score.

• Jan 20, 2024 - 19:12

Looking at my attachment, I've been adding verses like verse 2 (the verse number is left-aligned with its text underneath it), but I'd like to have it like verse 3 (every line of text being tabbed over from its number) but I can't tab, and spaces don't quite line up. At times I'd like it like verse 4 (the verse number centered above its text) but I can't center just one line, I end up spacing the number to what looks like the center of its text. I also wasn't able in Musescore 4.0 either. Is any of this possible, or what do people end up doing if they have extra verses? In any case, I'd like to thank the creators and supporters of Musescore. Thanks for all.

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