can't find score on computer or in the cloud score folder. neither in the online score manager

• Jan 27, 2024 - 05:36

I made a score today and saved it today in the cloud. when I open MuseScore its there in the menu to open. but it won't open because its an invalid score. when I "right click" on the MuseScore icon in my dock(on Mac) there is a file that's called "not_uploaded_0.mscz". I've tried to find this file on my Mac but I can't seem to find it. its not in the cloud score folder either.

what can I do to find and open this score again so I can save it locally on my Mac instead?

the file I want (ref in picture) is Rodopio.


I was using 4.1.1 but when I couldn't open the file, I updated to 4.2.1.
I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not.

Hello. Try opening the score in Musescore 4 and clicking File > Project properties. You will see a file path option. Click the folder icon, scroll until you find your file (will most likely be some seemingly random numbers), and you can make a copy to save it to your computer.

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