How do I make this staff split in Musescore?

• Jan 30, 2024 - 01:33

I'm working on engraving a musical book for a theater's upcoming production of this show, and I wanna know how I can do this effect, i.e. the split between measure 2 and 3. Everything I tried didn't work and I can't seem to figure this out. I'm using Musescore 3.

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Master palette should have a formatting (or layout) category. Use a system break. I’m not sure about keeping it from stretching across the page, though.

Alright, I found a solution to this, although it is very much a workaround. Also I used Musescore 4, but hopefully this is transferrable to MS 3 (or at least a similar thing is possible).

So, on the first staff, I put the repeat signs and notes in the first two bars, then did a system break after the third bar (you can just press Enter). Select the third bar and use Format > Stretch >Increase Layout Stretch to stretch it so that the first two bars become nicely spaced. Now, we have to make that third measure disappear. First, right click it, then select Bar Properties > Exclude from bar count. Then, hide the rest and the barline at the end of the bar. Finally, select it and from the Layout palette add the 'Insert stave type change' object. In the inspector/properties, this should let you change the colour of the staff lines. Set it to white, and then do the same thing on the next bar to make the rest of the staff lines become black again. And that should be it!

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