Measure width based on text, not notes

• Jan 30, 2024 - 23:28

Measure width automatically adjusts based on the notes. If you have a lot of 16 notes, you'll have a wide measure, but if you have a whole note, it will be narrow. I would like the measure to auto-size based on the text attached to the notes. For instance I want to write something over that whole note, and that text should be bounded within the measure.

Can individual measure widths be adjusted? It seems to be all or nothing.


"Can individual measure widths be adjusted?" - yes, they usually can.
"It seems to be all or nothing" - this is not usually the case.

So, what did you try and what happened when you tried it?

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See attachment "original.png." . I am using staff text because I want the text above the staff. Lyrics appear below the staff which I don't want.

In M6, the "C#m7" text overflows into M7. In M7, I can't align the "Bm7sus" text with the note before it, and it also overflows into the next bar.

In the attachment "adjustments" I increased Minimum Measure Width. That allowed the text on M7 to fit, but it stretched all the prior measures too widely. (oops, never mind, I guess I can only attach one file at a time.)

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