Problem with multi-measure rest

• Feb 12, 2024 - 07:34

I have one range of measures that will not make a complete multi-measure rest. Measures 14-26 of mvt. 1 in the viola and cello parts get chopped up into 8-1-4 measures instead of a 13-measure rest. I've checked each measure to ensure the "break multi-measure rest" box is unchecked. As far as I know the measures are completely empty. The other multi-measure rests in these parts work just fine. Help!!

Here's my score:
Berns - La Primavera (Spring).mscz


In measure 23 there is a system text element without content. Therefore, you cannot see it. This is the cause of this interruption.

  • Press 'M' to switch to the single rest display.
  • Insert a new system text with any content in a free measure or select an existing system text.
  • Click on it with the right mouse button and select "all similar"
  • In the properties of the system text, add a frame - you will then see an empty frame in measure 23
  • select it and delete it.
  • Finally, select another system text (marked by the frame), select all similar and remove the frame again.
  • Now press 'M' again.

This must be done in the excerpts, as the score itself contains far fewer system texts.
I'm a bit surprised, because system text is normally only set in the score and then applies to all instruments.

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