Right / left hand split for harp

• Feb 14, 2024 - 16:49

Oops, the attachment were lost.

Maybe I'm just too lazy, but I've not found a way to split arpeggio cords correctly between left and right hand.

In the picture "HarpProblem10", it's as it should be and in" HarpProblem11" what I currently have. How can I achieve the slit indicated in the original score "HarpProblem10"?

A minimal MuseScore example is attached as well.

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HarpProblem1.mscz 23.09 KB
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HarpProblem11.png 13.52 KB


I’ve made some further progress how to get the appropriate harp notation. In the attached MS-file, a "print-out" in pdf is also attached, I’ve two examples which are basically the same and both involve quite some manual tweaking. The top stave is what I started with.

In principle, it looks ok but I’m not sure I’ve selected the simplest and best approach. I’m not really interested in playback so that’s not important.

Any inputs would be welcome

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