Measure numbers in 4.2.1

• Feb 15, 2024 - 12:38

I'm used to and I prefer measure numbers below the staves. But can't figure out how to get that:
Switching Format > Style > Measure numbers: Vertical Alignment to Below will set the measure numbers only below the first stave, but not below the whole system. And adjusting the Y factor won't help either, because it only broadens the gap between the first and the following staves. Being a piano player who usually has two staves, this means I can never set bar numbers below the system.
Sorry for my use of technical terms - I'm not a native English speaker and don't use the English GUI of MS.


If you go to Format ==> Style and in this very long list select Bar numbers (I' using an English version of MS but it should be 5th from the top, see attached snapshot. Here you can decide where you want to the bar / measure numbers formatted. In the attached snapshot which is based on a large score I'm currently working on, I've selected to get the number for each measure and each stave for navigation reasons. When the score is finished, I will set it to show the bar number at the top for each new page only. BarNumbers.png

First: why don't you ask in the German part of the forum - in German? I would also like to reply in German :-). Maybe tommy_strandberg too ...
Second: you can easily change the language settings in MuseScore to English and later back to German resp. System.

Regading your question (done with MuS 3 but it is similar to MuS 4):

  • use Format -> Style -> Measure numbers
  • click on 'all staves', use "Interval = 1" or what you need, select placement 'Below'. You will get measure numbers on both staves below the staff. Perhaps horizontal center is a good idea too.
  • use "Select all similar elements in same staff" for the upper stave and hide it (press 'v').

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German is not my mother tongue because I'm born i Sweden but live in Germany, GB and the US since many many years. Speaking German is, of course, no problem but I prefer writing in English, it's just quicker and simpler for me. In Space Engineering, building and operating satellites, English is the language number one and German I write rather sparely. Hence, all my PC programs are in English.

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Yes, if you insert or append a measure, the measure number of this new measure is not hidden. You have to do this separately. But if you delete a measure or enter notes, nothing changes - at least that's how it is in MuseScore 3.

But as far as I know, I can't place measure numbers at the bottom of the page below the last instrument, as is the case in some scores. That would be a feature request ...

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Well, as a piano player in a big band, I have to watch a lot of symbols at the same time. Wanted measure numbers per measure, but didn't succeed in getting them below the system. So inserted only the very first per system which was OK in some sort - you'll have to count a little if the band leader wants to start rehearsal on a specific bar.
So thanks for your hints! I'd never have found that solution on my own: Activate bar numbers for all staves and then switch them individually and manually (?) to invisible. Not my humour.
I just wrote one song to see if it's worth the effort because of better readability (me getting older - and it is!) but I won't end up manually disabling 160 appearances of bar numbers (~80 bars with two staves) I activated while not needing them - for every song I transcribe.

measure numbers.png

So indeed, I'd request that feature that bar numbers which aren't set for every stave but switched to below would automatically be set to below the last stave in the system (Y being calculated from the last staff in the system) - with no change in the GUI! This would be a great deal for me and probably a lot of other writers for big band music. What if I wanted to write a direction sheet and then extract the single parts? That would result in disabling and enabling measure numbers all the time, wouldn't it?

Thank you all!

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Yes, it is not implemented.
And the workaround I described applies to the numbers under the bass staff of a piano or if a score with multiple instruments should have the numbers at the bottom of the page. You don't have to do this individually, but you do need a few steps:

  • Set the numbers in each staff; one per staff, every x bars or as you wish, the "below" option in the style settings.
  • in a score with several instruments, select the numbers of the lowest staff with "all similar in staff".
  • hide them by pressing 'v'.
  • select "all similar" again (not "on staff", all on score) and press 'v'. v' toggles the visibility.

I think the individual parts will have the measures as defined in the score, but visible. And they will have them regardless of my description for the score layout. You won't have to do anything except in a piano excerpt (Grand Staff).

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