How to generate parts when rests are hidden/invisible

• Feb 20, 2024 - 08:18

As MuseScore generally operates on score level, I've to some extent establish a score as I want it printed. To save space, I sometimes as usual in scores put two instruments in one stave. In the mini example below I've made an excerpt from the Oboes and English Horn part. Here is a screen shot of the score.

The score example illustrates two possibilities, the top one with rests shown for each voice and the lower one where one set of the "common" rests are hidden. Highlighted in yellow.

Th top example doesn't look good in a score so I would prefer the lower solution. The problem with this, as far as I have found out so far, that if you hide the rests, they are also hidden in the parts, see OboeVoices_I-i.png and OboeVoices_II-i.png. This is, of course, completely unacceptable.

So, while the top approach results in nice and correct parts, the score looks terrible.

What is the solution to get correct score as well as parts?

NB, I've included the MuseScore file as well, i.e.

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Thanks Steve,

I've found what you refer to but I must admit that a "right click" never came to my mind, in particular when you do most of the editing with the keyboard, and searching the handbook didn't give a "hit" either.

I could only find the phrase "Staff properties" but not "Parts properties" but by downloading the pdf-version of the handbook i could perform so called intelligent search.

Anyway, in a handbook section for MuseScore 4.x there is a section called "Change tuning" where a similar window is shown but where "Merge matching rests" is missing. The same I can find in a section called "Staff properties" where is says Staff Properties dialog, as of version 2.1, where Merge matching rests is also missing.

In summary, it's a little annoying to ask beginners questions just because it cannot be fond in the handbook but then get a reply (not from you), check handbook so and so and maybe a link as well.

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Here is where to find it in the handbook…

Staff/Stave us a US/UK localisation thing. I am UK based.

In my opinion (worth as much or as little as anyone else's) providing a link to the handbook is very often much better when responding to a question than trying to write something one's self. The explanations in the handbook are usually very good. Finding them is another matter. I use the complete contents and the Find in page facility in my browser.

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